"The wilderness environment is a perfect environment for trauma resolution. The physical nature of being in the wilderness brings a person into contact with their body, which is essential for the body's natural process to manifest." Peter Levine

Wilderness-based Therapy

Many individuals turn to the great outdoors in times of distress. For instance, soon after the World Trade Center attacks in 2001, there was a measurable peak in the number of people visiting national parks in America. Although we intuitively sense that we can ease our psychological suffering through being in nature, the vast majority of psychotherapy is still practiced indoors. In the last three decades, a number of empirical studies have confirmed our intuitive knowledge: Spending time in natural environments provides both physical and psychological benefits.

Josie Fenton provides nature-based counseling sessions for individual adult clients. She works with high-functioning adults who are experiencing challenges. She specialises in treating clients who have suffered trauma, grief, or those who are going through major life transitions.